Coming soon: NEW SafePlug Smart Energy systems will cut your home electricity bills by up to 30%. SafePlug Smart Energy outlets will measure the energy consumption for each appliance and turn them off when not needed.

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Slash Your Bills! Protect Your Family.

  • Remotely control your appliances and lights
  • Disconnect appliances for savings and safety
  • Protect toddlers from shocks
  • Prevent house fires
  • Shield appliances and electronics from damage
  • Prevent thefts

Make your home energy efficient, safe and secure with SafePlug Energy Manager system. Although energy costs are rising, SafePlug can reduce your electric bill by hundreds of dollars per year. Once installed, SafePlug Energy Manager pays for itself quickly.

SafePlug iPhone App

Remotely control your appliances and lights

  • Turn on lights in your dark home remotely.
  • Turn off the pool pump, air filter, TV, or electronics remotely.
  • Control from your PC, tablet or smart cell phone (via web browser).

Disconnect appliances for savings and safety

  • Prevent waste from appliances left on (heaters, lights, air filters, pool pumps, IT equipment).
  • Kill phantom or “vampire” loads (TV, home theatre, home office equipment, chargers).
  • Schedule automatic "on-off" times to reduce your energy bill without modifying your behavior

Protects toddlers from shocks.

  • SafePlug receptacles can automatically disconnect electricity to empty sockets. Children will not get a shock from inserting a metal object (e.g. paper clip, key, scissors) into a SafePlug socket when in its normal Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, SafePlug receptacles only turn on electricity to its socket after an appliance is plugged in.

Prevent house fires

  • Helps prevent house fires ignited by overloaded appliances and bad wire junctions.
  • Protects appliances and electronics from damage caused by surges, high line voltages, low line voltages, and blackouts .

Shield appliances and electronics from damage

  • SafePlug outlets protect appliances from damage due to overloads, surges, high line voltages and low line voltages, such as brown-outs or black-outs. SafePlug outlets absorb short duration surges and isolate appliances from long-duration surges. Safeplug helps prevent overloads from destroying appliances.

Prevent thefts

  • Set a different on-off schedule each evening for lamps and TV while you are away to simulate occupancy. Most thieves stay away when they believe someone is at home.
Tool, Not a Toy
  • Stands alone
  • Easy to install
  • Secure communication
  • Easy to maintain
  • Improves your electrical system
Energy Manager Kit

SafePlug iPhone App

Stands Alone

  • The SafePlug Energy Manager system does not need an internet connection. The Energy Server and Energy Manager Outlets communicate wirelessly.
  • The Energy Server has an Ethernet port that can connect into your home area Ethernet and WiFi network. You can communicate directly with most PCs, tablets and smart phones.

Easy to install

  • SafePlug Energy Manager Kit installs quickly over your existing electrical receptacles and connects to your Ethernet network.
  • SafePlug Energy Manager uses secure communication between all components. Receptacles read encoded RightPlug Standard plug tags. The Energy Server and Energy Manager outlets communicate via secure ZigBee Pro communication. And the Energy Server has password protection for secure administrator functions and on-off control.

Easy to maintain

  • Attaches firmly over an existing wall outlet to prevent accidental removal
  • Built to last 20 years, even through physical abuse and electrical surges
  • Easy to clean – smooth surface
  • Remembers its own settings, even after a blackout

Improves your electrical system

  • Each SafePlug outlet contains two independently controlled receptacles, with a full 15 Amp load capacity.
  • All SafePlug receptacles contain unique appliance overload protection and supplementary branch circuit overload protection. The appliance overload protection will trip off electricity when it detects excess current draw compared to the plug tag safety rating. Branch circuit overload protection trips current off when it detects more than 16 Amps drawn from the combination of both receptacles.


What are you willing to RISK?
Your home electrical system provides electricity for many of life's conveniences and needs, but it can also be deadly! Electrical systems are one of the largest causes of death and injury in our homes today.

Among the most vulnerable are young children and the elderly.

According to data collected by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) every year in North America 82,500 MAJOR electrical related fires are reported. An additional 890,000 fires go unreported every year!1 That's almost 1 million fires a year!

Sadly, these fires typically cause over 350 deaths and 2,800 serious injuries a year.1

That's not surprising when you consider it can take less than 3 minutes for a smoldering fire to reach flash over (900oF) and engulf an entire room.2

In 50% of fatal structure fires response time can be 5 minutes or less.2 Clearly, detection alone is not the answer. Prevention is the only real solution!

But, fire is not the only hazard caused by home electrical systems. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) states that every year an estimated 1,300 children are treated in Emergency Rooms for shock and burn incidents related to electrical receptacles.

What's even more alarming is that studies have shown up to 100% of children 2-4 years old can remove many of the current child shock protection devices.3 Now that's a scary thought for any parent.

Current safeguards, like your breaker/fuse panel, Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI), Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) and child shock protectors, provide adequate protection, but only for a few of the numerous hidden electrical fire and shock hazards that can exist in your home! (learn more)

Protect the ones you love.
Install SafePlug® Receptacles throughout your home and protect your loved ones from...

SafePlug Plug-in Outlet
SafePlug Model 1200 Outlet (Plug-in Version)
Hidden Fire Hazards: SafePlug receptacles help prevent fires caused by hidden electrical hazards inside your walls and in your appliances, cords and outlets.
(Learn more)

Shocks and Burns: SafePlug receptacles protect young children from serious electrical burns, shocks and electrocution at outlet receptacles. (Learn more)

Electronics Damage: SafePlug receptacles defend against damage to your expensive electrical devices caused by poor power quality such as high-line voltages, surges and brownouts.(Learn more)

Protect your family with SafePlug receptacles - TODAY!
Install SafePlug receptacles throughout your home and dramatically reduce the chances of an electrical fire or shock tragedy from devastating your family.

Purchase SafePlug products at your SafePlug Online Store or call toll free at 1-888-755-SAFE (7233).

SafePlug receptacles install easily and in less than 5 minutes! For more information on SafePlug protection and it's many conveniences click here.

1 The U.S. Home Product Report, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 1994-1998. Fire Losses in Canada Annual Report, 2001, Council of Canadian Fire Marshals and Fire Commissioners, 1999-2001. National Sample Survey of Unreported Residential Fires, Audits and Surveys-Government Research Division, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
2Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) 10 year study 1991-200. National Electronic Injury Surveillance Systems (NEISS) data.
3Research by Temple University, Children and Electrical Outlets, State Farm Insurance.


“With SafePlug, my 1-year-old son is safe from shocks and burns...Thanks for making such a great product!”

Nicole Walsh - mother
Baden, Ontario

I was surprised to find it only takes me 2 minutes to install or relocate. Now I'm safe!”

Troye Carrington - apartment dweller
Kitchener, Ontario

"If a fire breaks out my dog cannot dial 911! SafePlug gives me peace of mind knowing the fire simply won't start.”

Jennifer Carson - pet lover
Kitchener, Ontario

"I toddler proofed my home for when my grandson comes to visit. He just started walking and I feel a whole lot better having SafePlugs installed in all my outlets."

Carol Gorenc - grandmother
New Hamburg, Ontario

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